3 Reasons Why You Should Be Professional Networking in 2024

Professional networking is about making contacts, building relationships that can lead to jobs or other work-related opportunities, and growing your’ net worth’. There are numerous incentives to focus on growing your professional network in 2019. Listed below, Vizinow provides three reasons why you should be networking in today’s digital age.

1) Finding employment
A key part of effective networking is identifying your employment goals. In a world jam-packed with employment opportunities, it can be hard to land a job, especially with hundreds of others gunning for the same position. That’s when networks come in handy. You gain an advantage over other applicants if you utilize your system to ensure you get the job. If a family member, friend, or even a random connection in your network refers you for the position, your chances of getting the position are more considerable.

2) Future business endeavors
If you ever have aspirations of owning your own company or having other work-related opportunities. It is in your best interest to start growing your professional network. Imagine starting your very own business without hiring someone you know, without utilizing your network. It would be a lot easier to to hire from your list of friends, family and connections.

3) Networks help grow net worth
If you haven’t read Kylie Jenner’s success story yet, click here. It’s a perfect example of how leveraging your network can add value to your net worth. I know what you’re thinking, “but Kylie Jenner has millions of followers!”. The moral of the story here is Kylie used what resources she did have, followers on various platforms that made up her network.

If you have to start creating your professional network from scratch, it is 1000% worth the time and effort. Everyone with a professional network started with the same amount of connections, zero. Building a network in 2019 could lead to some promising opportunities.

3 Reasons Why you Should be Professional Networking in 2019




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