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There are two ways to be noticed on Google: paid ads and search engine optimization (SEO). Paid ads are straight forward, you have to pay for every click you receive, but every click you get through SEO is 100% free.  Search engine optimization is the process of making your website very likable to Google, so […]

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What is your branding identity? How does it set you apart from the other countless businesses out there? Let’s face it; there are so many businesses in this world just like yours. You need to show that you are different. Your potential customers are in-the-market and ready to make a purchase. Your branding identity needs […]

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Professional networking is about making contacts, building relationships that can lead to jobs or other work-related opportunities, and growing your’ net worth’. There are numerous incentives to focus on growing your professional network in 2019. Listed below, Vizinow provides three reasons why you should be networking in today’s digital age. 1) Finding employment A key […]

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